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What is the Nova Grower Group

A group of farmers in a local area growing in a "ring" to produce our Nova Bird, fresh weekly, for a  market provided by Nova Free Rangers.

We are looking for interested farmers who may have reared meat birds before, or may be new to growing meat birds, to join our new grower group. We particularly look for caring farmers with good growing practices who are willing to adhere to our stringent growing regulations which encompass housing, range, feed, bio security, and general good farming husbandry. We need all growers to grow under our regulations in order to obtain conformity in our end product. Each prospective grower will be invited to a meeting where the outline of the grower program will be presented.

The grower will grow the bird and then take it to the processor in his area designated by Nova Free Rangers. Nova Free Rangers will then pay for the processing and market the bird to our designated markets.

Our Nova bird is a premium European bird, and as such, will be marketed to discerning high end restaurants and other high end markets.

Brian and Barbara Aaron have very successfully operated grower groups previously in Europe. These groups were both Organic and true Free Range.

Our aim is to have quality growers, proud of the bird they produce, in a growing environment which provides as natural a life as possible.

List of basic requirements:
- Some buildings and land
- Access to electricity and potable water
- Access to the internet. We communicate with growers through our online group portal.

Still interested?   

Call for general information (902) 530-2136 - Ask for Barbara or Brian 
Click HERE to request an invitation to our first grower group meeting

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