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About The Nova Birds

The Nova Brown

The Nova Brown is a proven slower-growth bird ideal for free range/organic production. It is from heritage parents. It’s a hardy, red-feathered bird with superior taste and meat texture. It loves to range. It has dark red feathers and yellow shanks, beak, and skin. It reaches 5-6 pounds liveweight at 63 days. Feed Conversion Rate (FCR): 2.24

One frequently asked question is: What breed are your birds?

The answer is: our birds are carefully crossed from 52 pure heritage pedigree lines. We cannot divulge the exact crosses of our breeds, since this is a trade secret.

Our birds retain these strong heritage traits from their parents:

Great flavour and meat texture
Good bone structure
Desire to range and forage
Slower growth rate

General Care


We recommend a fully insulated building, either mobile or static. Good insulation keeps the building cool in summer and warm in winter and provides a more comfortable environment for your birds.

Good ventilation is important. This can be simple side inlets (we have a suggested method) with a small chimney or ridge ventilation. This keeps the air circulating and the birds comfortable at all times.

Bedding: we use good clean shavings. Keep bedding dry and clean( especially around drinkers) this prevents sickness, hock and breast burn and keeps the birds in good condition.

Equipment: is your personal choice. But we use one strict rule: keep it clean! Drinkers should be cleaned daily, feeders should be cleaned at least once a week, removing any old feed which has caked to the sides or bottom of the feeder.


UK Soil  Association Technical Guide.

Providing Shelter on the range
Shelter is a fundamental requirement on the range if chickens are to be compltetely comfortable outdoors.
Chickens are not birds of exposed areas and benefit from shelter from the sun, wind and rain.It also provides the feeling of securityfrom predatorsor perceived predators.
Research in Europe shows that although poultry will forage in the open, they always prefer to rest in covered areas.The birds will therefore spend more time outside if sheltered areas are providedwhere they are happy to relax.
If shleter is provided on the range more birds will be happy to venture further and will not all run in for the house each time an owl or eagle  , or any other winged predator or plane flies over.
Trees are an ideal form of natural shelterand are also aesthetically pleasing. Howvere significant tree planting may not be compatible to your enterprise on your farm.If some tree planting fits your system, that is great, but there are some other viable alternatives.
Walls, solid fences,other buildings , high hedges,trailers, bales, logs,artificial sheltersand cover crops, such as corn are also viable
Producers can be imaginative in the provision of shelters so that it is practical for their own farm situation.Any of these measures will encourage birds to use the range more effectively, enriching the birds environment and reducing crowding stress and behavioural problems.

We also offer a great opportunity for full and part time producers in southern Ontario Please visit our grower page to get mopre details.Please call us at (902) 530-2136 and ask for Nova Grower Info.

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